Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Google 1.0 Confrence

Google 1.0 Confrence, Google graduates Android Things to 1.0 release

Google 1.0 Confrence Earlier at its Build Google 1.0 Confrence developer conference, Microsoft announced the open sourcing of Azure IoT Edge Runtime, a partnership with Qualcomm to create a vision AI developer kit, and that it was working with drone vendor DJI to build an SDK that would allow users to have full

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New life regulations preparing

Financial planners are starting to adopt the hybrid commission models in preparation for January 1 when the Life Insurance Framework reforms come into effect. The changes include phasing down the rate of upfront commissions paid to advisers and capping trail commissions at 20%. “Many planners are evolving their businesses to meet the

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Auto Insurance America serves Nevada and New Mexico

Auto Insurance America for over 40 years has been providing common sense, economical solutions for insurance to the Southwest Region. As one of the nation’s largest independent insurance agencies, Auto Insurance America has provided tens of thousands of motorists in Nevada, and New Mexico auto insurance at the most critical

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