Welcome on aajnewz. One of the worst things that can happen to an artist is to be caught lip-syncing a performance. It’s career-ending in most cases and is an accusation that can stain a reputation of even the musician.

To lip sync on Saturday Night Live is something that should never happen. Ashlee Simpson was the warning shot to anyone even thinking about doing it, as that’s company no musician wants to keep.

There’s venom in accusing someone of lip syncing on SNL which is why it’s no surprise that Taylor Swift is being accused of such after her performance this weekend.

Truthers are pointing to her first performance of ‘Are Your Ready For It’ as Exhibit A in the case against her.

The evidence against her is that there is very clearly a backing track playing over her performance.

That, however, doesn’t mean that she was mailing in her performance. The presence of a backing track during a live performance is nothing new..!

The existence of the backing track isn’t an indictment, it’s the final piece of evidence needed to rule in her favor.

Go to 2:55 of her first performance. You hear that there is for sure a backing track but then Taylor belts into something clearly off-script. She does this a couple of times in that performance and then follows it up with an acoustic performance that can’t be backtracked since the version she performed doesn’t exist.

Haters will hate, and there’s plenty of reasons to get on Taylor’s case.