Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and other developments in computer science are giving birth to different class of machines. These machines can perform tasks requiring reasoning, judgment, and perception that previously can only be done by humans.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will have many effects. It promises various benefits (and may also risks) in education, defense, business, law, and science etc.

Artificial intelligence-based system is taking almost every industry by storm. Now a days machine are able to perform a wide range of physical and cognitive tasks and the efficiency of their work is increasing day by day due to advancement in the field of technology.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Although they are playing important and major role in making processes better but they have a great impact on the human based jobs and lead us to unemployment.

Unemployment has been treated as economic problem and has a great impact on the health and welfare of the individuals. Unemployment is defined as the situation of being without work, and seeking for job.

It can be handled if proper steps are taken by the nation as well as the government. Unemployment can be controlled by ensuring political stability, improving the educational standard; control of population growth, launch of new programs, reducing the age of retirement, ensuring access to basic education.


As the unemployment is caused by laziness, lack of education therefore government should take various steps to educate people because many ordinary peoples cannot afford basic education.

These are few things which requires to be followed by the people and the government in order to overcome the unemployment. As, unemployment affects every individual of the nation so the government should take various steps to maintain the economic stability and resolve the issue of unemployment.

The Artificial intelligence is prevalent in more advanced and developed countries only, therefore it will not affect the employment in the third world countries or it will have a negligible effect.


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