Musk deer, see here intresting things musk deer

Musk deer is a unique type of deer, musk deer is a very unique and less amount in the world, and hunting of musk deer is not allowed anywhere in the world. so let me tell you more about musk deer…

Scientific classification




Chord at a Class

Mammalaia Family

Moschidae Genus

Moschus Species

M.fuscus Introduction

musk deer mainly live in forests of alpine scrubs habitats in the mountains of south Asia.


Musk deer resemble small deer with a stocky build ,hinder legs are longer than front legs Height, They are about 80 to 100 cm in length Feet.

Feet are adopted for climbing rough mountains Musk glands………. Musk glands are only found in adult males it lies in sac located between genitals and umbellicus.

Musk deer

musk deers are herbivores living in hilly areas , generally for human habituation, musk deer are generally shy ,nocturnal, Birth of young one, Female musk deer give birth to single fawn after about 150 to 180 days.

The newly young one are very small and motion less for the first month of their lives.

Hunting of musk deer

Musk deer have been hunted for their scent glands,which are commonly used in perfumes.The gland can fetch up to $45000/kg on the market.

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Musk deer of Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan,indiaand China become endangered .They are listed in endangered by IUCN because of over exploitation resulting in a probale serious population decline.

Types of musk deer

There are many type s of musk deer some are the following Anui musk deer Dwarf musk deer Alpine musk deer Kashmir = Black = Siberian = White bellied = Deer musk…… It is a substance s with a persistent odour obtained from a gland of male musk deer situated in its rectal area .the substance s has been extensively used as a perfumes .

It was the one of the most expensive animal product in the world.