The word Islamophobia is defined as fear, hatred and hostility towards the Muslims and Islam. The term Islamophobia is a misnomer i.e. it is used wrongly or in an inappropriate way. It includes hatred for the Muslims as a person and Islam as a religion. There are some other words that are also used to describe Islamophobia such as Muslim phobia, Anti-Muslimism, Anti-Islamism, etc.

Islamophobia was there in the past during the time of Prophets and then after that. In the present world Islamophobia started in the 20th century. The rate of Islamophobia was not so high in the late 20th century but was increasing gradually through inappropriate and wrong presentation by media and through the extremist from other religions.


It suddenly increased in the past decade due to the terrorist attacks in the European countries and United States of America especially after the incident of September, 2011, because they were thought to be done by Muslims.

And till today it is increasing, people are hating Islam and Muslims without getting to know about religion and people personally. They are doing this mostly on the basis of what they hear about it through different sources.

Islamophobia has become an International controversy around the globe. Muslims around the world are facing many problems because of Islamophobia that has gradually increased in the past decade.

They are having social, moral and political issues which is becoming very challenging for them as they don’t know what to do or where else to go. They are facing negative attitude and behavior of the people, facing harsh words, they are having difficulty in socializing with people, they are being insulted and most importantly the western media is making it difficult for the people as they are presenting the wrong image of Muslims as terrorists. Even when a single person does something wrong, the whole Muslim community is held responsible for it.

There are many sources through which Islamophobia has spread. These are media, anti-Muslim organizations and through individuals. Media is the main source through which Islamophobia has spread.

The western media is showing so many things that are not even true about Muslims or Islam in general. They are telling that Islam is not a peaceful religion as they are relating terrorist attacks with the Muslims.

Media has fed peoples’ mind with so much negativity that they don’t want to think other than the things they already know, they don’t want to think on their own and deny every other reason and logic put forward to them. They say harsh and rude words without even thinking that they might be hurting other people around them and lowering their character in front of people.

In the present world Islamophobia will continue to grow. To eradicate Islamophobia from the world the society and especially the Muslim community should come forward to put an end to this hatred and fear. Certain measures and actions should be taken to control this spreading fear.



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