How to start blogging

When anyone want to start blogging and want to start career in blogging field then he have to mind it some important things which i want to share with you, so lets start that how anyone can start blogging.

If you want to start blogging so at first you should have these important things which i am disscuss in this.

Some are required things for start blogging:

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Content


Domain is a most important thing in blogging, so let me tell you that what is domain.

Domain is a specific name which every blogger choose for his blog or website as a name where user will come.

And in the other words, Domain is a specific name for blog or website which is use for target users or visitors on your website or blog.


For example, When visitors write a name of any website in his browser then he enter in that blog or webpage and the he can see it, so in the simple words domain is the name of your website which you can choose for your website or blog for target users, Domains are available on the internet and there is many companies which is selling domains, so you can buy it from there.

And i suggest that choose a top level domain for your website .com, .net etc, because these top level domains have a more value than others.


The second thing is must is hosting or server, so i want to tell you that what is hosting or server.

“Web hosting is that service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or blog or webpage onto the internet.

Websites, Webpages or Blogs stored on special computers is called server.


Website content is a most important thing in blogging because if you have domain and hosting but if you dont have any content on your website or blog so your website value is zero.

So, you must have a good content on your website or blog which user or visitor read or watch on your website, and i suggest write a good and quality content for your website where user shows his interest on your website , and if you have a good content on your website then user will come again and again on your website.