New look of Catherine Tyldesley

Catherine Tyldesley is an a hollywood actress born in 17 sep 1983. she is a model and singer also.

Her best drama was “Lilies” in 2007 and she is very famous for her this drama.

She is from ” Walkden” which is located in manchester, and also she is famous for her beautiful looks and styles.

Catherine Tyldesley swapped her hairs for a new style on thursday, which she debuted in manchester.

Many of her fans surprised for her new looks when her fans watched her pictures in her new looks, she is looking very beautiful in her new looks.


Catherine Tyldesley
Catherine Tyldesley

She posted her pictures in summer dress with her new looks and new style and then her fans surprised for her new looks, and almost all her fans likes her new looks and also her new style.

Her hair dresser spent few hours for completing of her hair colour transformation, and her new looks.

Well, She was always beautiful but  now her new looks is amazing and she looks very beautiful in her new looks.