Redirect website to another website

Redirect website to another website is most common thing in every kind of blogging, mostly this method is use for redirection on website to another for the purpose of traffic redirection or user redirection to another website.

So, every blogger want to know that how to Redirect one website to another website, because mostly bloggers working on more than one website and he have a good traffic on one website but maybe on another websites he have not too much or good traffic.

Redirect website to another website

So that kind of bloggers want to exchange or redirect traffic one website to another website.

So here is a method that how you can redirect your one one website to your another website, so lets start:

  1. Open your web-browser
  2. Now open your website admin panel or dashboard
  3. In the menu, click apperance
  4. In the appreance menu click editor
  5. Now find <Head> tags in editor which shows right side on your screen
  6. when you find <Head> or <head> then paste this script <script type=’text/javascript’> window.location.href = “”; </script> on your site after <head> tag
  7. Now replace this link  <script type=’text/javascript’> window.location.href = ““; </script> with your website link where you want to redirect your all visitors
  8. Now click update file

Thats it, Now your user redirect on your this website which link you already pasted here.