You require a MRI. Your specialist needs you to get a “high-field” exam. You need an “open” ordeal, not an affair that feels like you are being put into a pine box.

Why pick? You can have both!

Here at American MRI, we have put resources into the most developed open AND high-field MRI machine available today: the Hitachi Oasis MRI.

Our Oasis MRI Machine takes into consideration 270 degrees of unhampered view for most extreme patient solace. At American MRI, you will get your exam in the solace that you need while being guaranteed that your specialist gets comes about that give the most noteworthy symptomatic certainty.

Strategically placed in Elmhurst, Illinois, in the shadow of the Oakbrook Terrace tower, only north of Roosevelt Road and east of Route 83. Open Monday through Friday with hours to 8 p.m., and even open on Saturdays, we can fit your calendar! Call us today to plan your arrangement.

Oasis 1.2T Open High-Field MRI

Keeps them as agreeable as could be expected under the circumstances and conveys elite and indicative certainty.

Desert garden Has PACT™ Patient Active Comfort Technology

Agreeable patient table

Quiet zone lighting

Radio framework

Music framework

With a 1.2T vertical field magnet, it conveys a similar picture quality as a 1.5T

The Oasis Open Design

Permits contact with family/companion all through the exam

Less demanding to position/watch pediatric, troublesome and decrepit patients


  • Orthopedic Imaging
  • Neurological Imaging
  • Vascular Imaging
  • Imaging of the Abdomen and Pelvis
  • Imaging of the Face and Neck
  • Breast Imaging

Orthopedic Imaging Advantages

  • Committed orthopedic imaging loops for high picture quality
  • RF Fat Saturation profits by simple situation of life systems at isocenter
  • Water Excitation successions for ligament imaging
  • RADAR movement free imaging
  • Substantial T2 weighting (brilliant liquid) with lessened output time
  • MR arthrograms advantage from phenomenal RF fat concealment
  • Uniform fat concealment is acknowledged through RF fat immersion and water excitation techniques for every orthopedic application.

Vascular Imaging Advantages

  • MRA benefits from 100 T/m/sec slew rate
  •  VASC™ Non contrast MRA – peripheral MRA for patients with renal insufficiency
  •  TRAQ™ – Time resolved MRA
  •  FLUTE™ Fluoro triggering – consistent arterial phase capture
  •  PEAKS™, RPEAKS, TPEAKS: Centric k-space ordering techniques
  •  Ensure easy, consistent capture of the critical arterial phase

Neurological Imaging Advantages

  • Dedicated neuro imaging coils for high image quality
  •  RADAR for motion free imaging
  •  Large 45cm FOV (all axes)
  •  Fat Suppression – RF Fat saturation, Fast STIR, Water Excitation
  •  Diffusion Weighted Imaging

Breast Imaging Advantages

  • Implant integrity evaluation
  •  Pathology detection
  •  MR Guided Biopsy – medial and lateral
  •  Comfortable scan
  •  Analysis tools – time/intensity curves
  •  CAD compatibility

Abdomen and Pelvis Advantages

  •  RAPID™ parallel imaging Torso/Abdomen coil for fast scanning while maintaining excellent SNR
  •  Maximum patient accommodation – 2 sizes of flex coils and T/R body coil
  •  RADAR™ free breathing acquisition
  •  In/Out of phase multi-echo Gradient Echo technique
  •  TIGRE™ for outstanding dynamic liver and breast imaging
  •  Excellent large FOV fat suppression for up to 45 cm single scan