Remote Second Opinions

Whether you live in Boston, across the United States or around world, specialists at Massachusetts General Hospital are available to review your medical records and provide an expert opinion on your diagnosis or treatment plan—without the need for an in-person visit.

Massachusetts General Hospital collaborates with Grand Rounds, a leading digital health care company, to offer remote second opinions from Mass General doctors in virtually every medical specialty. Having a second opinion can reassure you about a challenging diagnosis, or help you and your doctor plan the most appropriate course of treatment..!

Benefits of a Remote Second Opinion

  • Convenient
  • Receive a second opinion from an expert at Massachusetts General Hospital without traveling to Boston.
  • Timely
  • Once your medical records have been collected, you and your local health care provider will receive your second opinion within two weeks.
  • Hassle-free
  • Grand Rounds medical staff will work with your local health care team to compile your medical records and any related tests or imaging.


When you create an account with Grand Rounds, you will provide information about your condition, as well as the specific questions that you would like a Massachusetts General Hospital specialist to answer.

Next, Grand Rounds medical professionals will contact your local primary care doctor or other health care providers to collect your medical records and any test results or medical imaging you have had done. These materials will be provided to the Mass General specialist who will review your case.

Once your medical records have been collected, you and your local physician will receive your detailed second opinion report within two weeks. Grand Rounds staff will follow up with you to answer any questions.

The cost for most remote second opinions is $850. In rare cases, the complexity of the case will require our specialist to consult with other colleagues, including radiologists and pathologists. In these cases, an additional fee will apply and you will be contacted to approve the payment.


Massachusetts General Hospital and Grand Rounds are strongly committed to protecting the privacy and security of all our patients. The Grand Rounds portal meets federal requirements for protecting personal health information under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).