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Giambrone German law Firm, Dually Qualified Professionals‎


Giambrone Law Firm

Giambrone : We Are Specialists In Multi-Jurisdictional, Cross-Border Cases.
A decade of experience · International offices · Multilingual lawyers.  Callback within 2 hours
Services: Family & Divorce, Ski Accidents, Holiday Accidents, Real Estate, Probate, Corporate etc
Lawyers are multi-jurisdictional, working in a range of different practice areas to achieve the best results for you.
Specialists in cross-border cases, and experienced in working within multiple sets of national laws.

About Giambrone

Divorce & Family Law

Widely recognised as a leading matrimonial cross-border law firm, offering a comprehensive range of specialist family law services including child custody rights and financial settlements in cross-border divorce, the creation of alternative family structures, and enforcement of court orders.

Real Estate

At Giambrone, our real estate lawyers bring insight, knowledge, and expertise to every transaction, applying in-depth expertise to residential and commercial property cases across Europe.

Corporate and Commercial

Our Corporate & Commercial lawyers work with companies at all levels on a full range of corporate, securities, financing, and international business cases, frequently dealing with matters involving three or more jurisdictions. Our lawyers also bring a wealth of expertise in commercial litigation and arbitration matters.

Litigation and Debt Collection

Giambrone’s award-winning litigation lawyers represent international clients in all types of civil disputes. Representing individuals,companies, and partnerships at trials, hearings, arbitrations and mediations, before administrative agencies and foreign tribunals and local courts.


Giambrone’s team of specialist probate lawyers aim to protect assets within an estate, frequently assisting clients with complex, cross-border probate matters. We enable the beneficiaries to preserve and shelter their assets within trusts.

Ski and Holiday Accidents

If you have been the victim of a sports injury that was not your fault due to faulty equipment, insufficient training, or lack of warning signs, Giambrone bi-lingual specialist personal injury lawyers can help you on a “no win, no fee” basis.

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