Drug Rehabilitation:

Everybody has woken up to the problem of drug addiction, not many people know that drug addiction has been a common problem worldwide and is quite rampant in India as well. Getting treated at the right time is the key to deal with drug abuse.

If you have been wondering what the treatment approach of drug abuse is or does it involve intense physical and mental training at a drug rehabilitation center.

Every person who suffers from drug addiction does not need to go to a drug rehabilitation center to get treated. This is because, a lot of patients respond well to out-patient treatment, which mainly involves medications and counselling.

The type of medications recommended is dependent on the severity and the type of drugs the person was addicted to. As far as counselling is concerned, it is only to ensure that the person doesn’t get back to drugs.

This doesn’t mean that drug addiction can be treated just with medications and counselling and rehab is not required. Only a handful of people might require a rehab, where the condition is a chronic issue.

And also in cases where the withdrawal symptoms cannot be handled at home or the person has any other personal problems which prevent outside patient treatment.

Hence, the treatment approach typically involves individual counselling, family counselling, group session (when required) and medications.

How to deal with drug addiction?

The best way of dealing with drug addiction is early identification, meeting the expert and taking help to get out of the condition. Just like other health conditions whether it is depression or anxiety, sleep issues or stress, drug addiction should also be identified and managed at the earliest.

And this can be achieved by creating more awareness and avenues for help. As the cases of drug abuse are rising among the young generation, implementation of preventive programs in schools and colleges might help as these programs have a strong impact on kids and teenagers.

There are cases of relapse, which happens sometimes but this doesn’t mean that this is the outcome in every case. In some cases, the person fails to get over addiction a couple of times before he can actually overcome it. You can get there eventually as long as you push it forward and give it a second try.

What are the long-term health effects?

Drug addiction is not about health or long-term side-effects. What most people should understand is that when a person is a drug addict, their life is taken over by a drug and there can be nothing worse than that.

Being totally controlled by a drug means that your entire life, right from your job to relationship to your physical health and your psychological well being, everything will get affected. One of the key reasons why adolescents fall prey to drug addiction is due to peer-pressure or believing it to be ‘cool’. But one should keep in mind that taking drug rehabilitation once can lead to severe effects on your overall health and life as well.

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