Dozens of Rohingya villages now lie empty after their residents fled violence in Rakhine state, according to Burma’s government. One hundred and seventy-six of 471 villages were abandoned.

Rohingya Muslims face widespread persecution in Buddhist-majority Burma, where the recent violence has driven hundreds of thousands to seek refuge overseas.

The government blames the Rohingya for the violence, but journalists who visited the region found evidence that raises doubts about its claims that Rohingya set fire to their own homes.

Many of the Rohingya who flooded into refugee camps in Bangladesh told of Burmese soldiers shooting indiscriminately, burning their homes and warning them to leave or die.

Muslim Charity has been working with the Rohingya since 2012. Below are some images of our recent interventions to support the Rohingya Muslims only a few weeks ago.

In the past year we have constructed 22 barrack homes for Rohingya families in Sittwe, Myanmar, and more are still being constructed.

We have also implemented Food Distributions to Rohingya families in Sittwe.

For the Rohingya refugees fleeing to Bangladesh, we have been providing food distributions and organising Medical Camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

There are currently over 120,000 Rohingya Muslims who have arrived in Bangladesh in recent days and around 430,000 are reported to be on the move from their homes in Burma. More than 400 have been killed after recent hostilities.

Muslim Charity is working with our partners on the ground in Cox’s Bazar to provide emergency aid, shelter and medicine to the newly arriving Rohiingya Muslims.!


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