Simple ways to reach your ideal weight

Here are a few things you can do to strengthen your will power and never skip your exercise regime. Try this plan  and tell us if it worked for you..!

Sleep for energy: You will never be able to get through the day if you are tired and hungry. Make sure that you hit the sack around the same time each night and avoid those afternoon naps. Also, be sure that you have your meals on time..!

Think of the pleasure and ignore the pain: If your workout feels like a chore you will be more likely to skip it. So make sure that you do something that you enjoy. For instance, if you love yoga, do that. If Zumba class is something you look forward to after a hard day at work, stick to that.!

Tune into some music: Listening to a playlist while working out is undeniably motivating but when your inner voice tells you to skip the gym, listening to some music even can help you follow your routine..!

List your goals: Write down the fitness goals you have for yourself. Keep the objectives quantifiable and accurate… This practice will help you stay motivated to hit the gym every day.

Don’t be overconfident: Overconfidence can undermine willpower so never take pride in what you have accomplished.

Rather than saying yourself that you are already half way done with your goal tell yourself that you have a lot more to achieve.

Plan ahead: Positive thinking is not the only thing you need to achieve your goal. You need to be aware of the obstacles and plan ahead. So if you are headed out for a vacation, pack those resistance bands so that you do not miss out working your body..!

Meditate: People who meditated exhibited stronger self-control that those you did not meditate. You don’t have to sit for hours meditating but just give ten minutes of your day and breathe mindfully. This will help you focus on your goals and prevent you from giving in to your temptations..!


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