The Grammy-nominated singer co-wrote “Legends” with Hillary Lindsey and producer Forest Glen Whitehead. Ballerini says “‘Legends’ is one of the first songs I wrote for the record and every time I’ve listened to it, I find a different meaning.” The single gives a feeling of a spiritual successor to her “fantasy-themed” platinum hit “Peter Pan.”

When asked about her experience with making the music video, she says she loves “being hands on, writing songs and having a vision in my head, it’s fun to collaborate with directors and having lyrics come to life.”

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Ballerini, who is signed to Black River Entertainment, takes you on a tale of her “crazy, tragic, epic” romance…

She says she wrote the song from the prospective of a breakup. She compares it the loss of a loved one, whether that be a “loss of love or death.”

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“It brings me back to the heartbreak I wrote it from, it makes me think of my fans and the journey we’ve shared, and now I sing it from the perspective of a legendary love story. I hope everyone hears something in it that brings them to a place of nostalgia and is as excited as I am to begin this next chapter together.”

The songstress has had a long-awaited return from her debut album,The First Time, which landed her #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart for her first three singles off the album. She says that “Legends” is just the beginning of her second chapter..!