The Official Guide to Next Generation Royals

Royal-watchers will always have a fascination and a soft spot for Will and Kate. They’re the A-list of the British aristocracy and no one will ever throw a tea party the way they do. But while the Prince and the Duchess are busy raising their budding family and attending to official duties, there’s a whole new class of Ladys and Princes waiting in the wings, ready to take their rightful place in the spotlight..!

They are Brits, they are Norwegians, they are even descendants of Grace Kelly. The entire next generation of crowned high society is just as poised and gleaming and shiny as the current. Nary a hair or piece of designer clothing can be found out of place. (Unless, of course, you run into them at the club, and then all bets are off.) They are also budding publicists and charity executives and students. They’re the people you’re going to find yourself caring about, so you may as well get to know them know. They are young, but they are mighty.

In the royal family, as in the rest of society, the millennials are the future.

very royal generation has to have a party animal. It’s a fact of royal science. And technically almost all of this aristocratic next gen could be categorized as, well, club-leaning. When you are rich, privileged, beautiful and have access to Europe’s most exclusive parties it’s damn hard to say no. But most of the young royals can’t hold a candle to Lady Alice Manners. She and her sisters have been compared to the Crawleys of Downton Abbey by many a British tabloid as a result of their wild ways.

Alice, 22, is the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland (don’t worry, no need to learn what that means) and was brought up at the prestigious Queen Margaret’s School in York. Her family is most notorious for an unusual (for royals) separation—her parents have moved into separate wings of the Belvoir Castle in England, where they reside with separate new romantic partners. Racy, guys! Lady Alice is notorious for showing up at numerous Tatler parties and for documenting all of her partying on Instagram. (And there was even a rumor about causing so much raucous at her London flat that it caused a stir with the neighbors).

These days she balances the party-hopping with gigs at high-end fashion magazines and department stores in London. But something tells us that the old Prince Harry has a run for his money here..!

It’s not often that our American streets are graced with European royalty, but such is our luck with Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, she the granddaughter of Grace Kelly, no less. It seems that the she has followed in the footsteps of the former Princess of Monaco by harboring a penchant for all things California. Jazmin is the daughter of Prince Albert of Monaco, but was raised by her mother in Palm Springs and Orange County—her parents met on a vacation and never married. In fact, she didn’t even met her father until middle school, which means that her life is basically the plot of The Princess Diaries.

Nowadays she’s gone full Hollywood, at least by royal standards. She splits her time between New York and Los Angeles, she gets caught by the paparazzi while strolling through West Hollywood, she fancies herself an aspiring musician and actress, and she’s dating the nephew of one John Mellenkamp.