Has”Mia Khalifa” Died in a Terrible Accident???? is it a True Story??? Do you really think so??? Has this news hurt you people???

Well, the former adult actress “Mia Khalifa” has got the attention of many people…… And her performances have also pleased the performances….. Due, to this reason, this news circled around in the social media that she had died in a car accident….. So what do you think??? Is it true???

Well, my friends, those were complete roomers…. the actress is absolutely alright and she is having fun in her life, however, she has been receiving, many hard words including some death threats as well…!

But, the good news is: The actress is safe and sound for the time being….. and cheer up Mia Khalifa’s fans she is about to become the ambassador of United States of America in the land of Saudi Arabia… However, the matter is yet to be confirmed….. This news may be a roomer as well like her death news…. 

So for the time being cool down Mia’s fans, she is all-right….

She has talked about her security and has confirmed death threats coming from many people after becoming the top adult actress in the world….

She added :“I have dragged their name through the mud,”.. “I feel guilty for dragging them into this and having all their friends know now that it is on the Lebanese media. But that was never ever my intention” She looked stressed and terrified in these words…

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