Man returns home to find girlfriend in bed with someone else..!

A man who returned home to find his girlfriend in bed with someone else had a bizarrely calm reaction to his partner’s alleged infidelity..!

Duston Holloway, from Emroy, Texas, was greeted with the heart-wrenching sight of the woman he loved ‘passed out drunk’ next to a shirtless man in the couple’s bed.

But instead of causing a huge argument, Duston calmly took some photos of the pair, and even posed for a selfie as they slept…!

alongside images, he wrote: “When you come home to another man in your bed with the one you loved! Good men deserve good women.”

The pictures show Duston’s girlfriend, who is wearing a t-shirt, asleep next to the shirtless man…

When one Facebook user asked Duston if he had woken the pair up, he said that he wanted to “kick his a**”.

“But I calmly just took selfies and walked like a boss. I did tap her to wake her up but she was drunk as a skunk passed out.

“I was gonna ask if I was gonna have to sleep in the spare bedroom and what kinda breakfast the dude liked..!

Duston wrote: “Yesterday, I thought my world had [fallen] apart, I was heartbroken to ever [have to] witness something like that, but with the amount of support from FB and family and friends, I want to personally thank each and every one of you..!