Hollywood won’t cast Elisha Cuthbert anymore..! See Here

 Hollywood won’t cast Elisha Cuthbert anymore..! See Here

Elisha Cuthbert from movies like The Girl Next Door and House of Wax, but the sexy Canadian actress has since faded from the limelight. Her career was seemingly on the rise just ten years ago, but for some reason things just didn’t pan out. Cuthbert was predicted to be one of Hollywood’s hottest up and coming actresses but now fans are left to wonder what she’s been up to these days and why Hollywood won’t cast her anymore..!

Cuthbert originally got into the industry after successfully modeling children’s clothing, starting at just 9 years old according to Gazette Review. Her acting career began soon after at the age of 14 with her breakout role on Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark?. She played the same character steadily from 1996-2000, which resulted in her earning lead roles in several seemingly low budget movies such as Dancing on the Moon and Time at the Top.

While none of these films were received very well by audiences or critics, the added experience helped pave the way for her to grab her most recognizable role as Kim Bauer on the hit television show 24. This would certainly demonstrate a sign of success for any up and coming actor, however Cuthbert wanted to be more than just a television star. She soon found herself in a few major movies, however being pegged as a television actress, she didn’t get to show off her skills on the big screen for very long…!

In 2004 Cuthbert played Danielle in The Girl Next Door, a young retired porn star who moves in next door to an average high school senior, ultimately changing his life forever. Directors were originally leaning toward casting Katie Holmes for the part, but after reading with director Luke Greenfield they quickly realized it wasn’t going to work out. He explained to the Huffington Post that “Both of us just knew it was not working. Not for any reason. I just don’t think her heart was in it, and I think it was more that we were put together by agents and the studio.” It was soon after this that Cuthbert read for the role, and at just 20 years old, she was praised by Greenfield in his interview. “She was so hungry. I remember meeting her and she had done so much preparation. She had all these pictures of different looks that Danielle would have. She was 20 years old at the time. She was talking about the character and she had such maturity. She gave it her all.”

The head of New Regency expected this movie to be a huge hit, even calling it the next Pretty Woman and expecting it to bring in the same audience who went out to see the American Pie films. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way and marketing was blamed for not making the movie seem risque enough in trailers. The result was that the movie made just over $31 million, only $6 million over their production budget, inevitably disappointing directors and producers. While Cuthbert wasn’t criticized for her performance in The Girl Next Door, the film’s failure left a stain on her reputation..!

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