Monday, May 21, 2018
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‘Heart of the Earth’ Can u Believe it…?

Google now lets you journey into the fiery ‘heart of the Earth’

Google users can now take a virtual journey into the middle of a fiery volcano using the search giant’s Street View service.

Explorers Geoff Mackley and Chris Horsley travelled to the remote country of Vanuatu, located more than a thousand miles off the coast of Australia, to capture the stunning 360-degree imagery.

They headed to the Vanuatuan island of Ambrym, which is home to one of the largest boiling lava lakes in the world…!

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The pair climbed 400 metres into the Marum crater with a Street View Trekker, meaning you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own chair to see it.

“Standing at the edge and feeling the heat lick your skin is phenomenal,” said Horsley after returning from his descent into the crater. “I hope that by putting this place on the map people will realise what a beautiful world we live in.”

His climbing partner Geoff Mackley added: “You only realise how insignificant humans are when you’re standing next to a giant lake of fiery boiling rock.”

Google said it was the first time Street View had gone “beneath the surface and into the heart of the Earth”…

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