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Applying for a student visa in the UK, Hurry up book a Free Here…!

Applying for a student visa in the UK

Student Visa Service for international students

SI-UK’s experienced visa consultants are registered with the Home Office OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) and have extensive knowledge of the latest immigration legislation, rules and regulations. SI-UK’s Student Visa Service offers advice and assistance to international students wishing to obtain a UK visa…

We specialise in:

.Tier 4 (G)/ (Child) student visa to enter the UK
.Tier 4 (G)/ (Child) student visa extension in the UK
.Student Visitor Visas

Family, work, business, EEA national’s family, settlement and British citizenship visa application support is also provided..!

Student Visa Application Service:

In order to complete your UK study visa application quickly and increase its likelihood of success, your immigration matter will be dealt with in a few simple stages:

1) Free initial consultation
2) Provide a checklist for necessary supporting documents
3) Completion and submission of your online application to UKVI
4) Book an appointment for your documents to be submitted at a UK visa centre
5) Communicate with UK visa and immigration on your behalf

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Types of student visa

Tier 4 (Child)

You can apply for the Tier 4 (Child) student visa if you’re aged between 4 and 17 and want to study in the UK. If you are between 4-15 years old you must be coming to the UK to be educated at an independent fee-paying school.

Standard Visitor

You can apply for a child visitor visa if you are 17 years old or under and want to study in the UK for up to 6 months. You cannot switch to a Tier 4 child visa. If you want to apply for a Tier 4 child visa you must apply from your home country…

Tier 4 (General)

You can apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa to study in the UK if you’re 16 or over and have been offered a place on a course…

Short Term Study

You can apply for a Short-term study visa if you’re doing a short course of study in the UK. This visa will allow you to come to the UK if you are 18 years or older and want to enter for up to 6 months to study a short course, up to 11 months to study an English language course or do a short period of research up to 6 months as part of a degree course of your overseas study…


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