Mia Khalifa announces retirement from the p0rn industry.

Mia khalifa retired
Mia khalifa retired

Mia khalifa retired , one of the most famous p0rn actress’ across the Internet, explained in an interview to The Washington Post that she will give a plot twist to her life: At 23, she’ll stop doing p0rn to practice sports...

Mia khalifa retired, Mia Khalifa said…! “I wanna take advantage of my popularity to support sport teams.”. Using her influence and fame she wants to support her favorite teams across the social networks: Maryland and DC, and the DMV area are among a selected few she hopes to support.

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She also revealed that she has already one year in the p0rn industry. “I guess I was in my rebellious stage.

Now, really, that was not for me. I want to improve my self-image and get away from that”.


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